Working together to create strength & confidence
An individualized approach that meets you where you are & helps take you to where you want to be.
TOGETHER we work through challenges.

TOGETHER we celebrate successes.

TOGETHER we create long-term habits.

Individualized coaching is one of the most sought-after services in the health and fitness industry. Working on a 1:1 basis is the most personal type of coaching and service that I offer. We work to find your why, your purpose and your goals. Whether your focus is nutrition, exercise, overall health or a combination of them all…

Coaching Options


Macro-based or whole-food based coaching (determined upon initial intake forms and client goals)

Weekly check-in that includes a detailed analysis and feedback on the following:
– Nutrition goals/intake (spreadsheet and food log)
– Sleep Habits
– Digestion
– Energy levels
– Stress and stress management

Strength-based training program individualized for equipment availability, client training knowledge, and client goals

Weekly check-in that includes a detailed analysis and feedback on the following:
– training goals and current program
– video demonstrations (if needed)
– detailed voice memos to help with cues and markers for improved movement patterns
*Cardio protocol is NOT included

Nutrition & Fitness

Combination of my nutrition coaching approach and my strength-based programs that focuses on ALL aspects of the clients’ health, nutrition and training

Weekly check-in that includes a detailed analysis and feedback on everything mentioned in the individual coaching packages, in addition to:
– Cardio protocol
-Supplement recommendations

What my clients are saying

Brooke - Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

“I dug out all my clothes that I had put away from before I was pregnant and started trying them on and they fit! I was thrilled when I put on a dress I had bought last summer and never gotten to wear because it go too small, and I put it on today and it looked REAL good.”

Julia - Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

“I’m proud of stepping out of my comfort zone and hiring a coach. It’s hard to be completely transparent about my health and nutrition and have someone solely focused on me. As a mom and wife I make sure everyone else has what they need and meet needs tend to fall to the side.”

Vivian - Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

I have truly loved working with Casey on my nutrition and fitness goals. I came to her in hopes of getting in shape for my upcoming wedding but what I discovered is that there is so much more that she offers than just assisting with a change in appearance. I have discovered that taking care of my body through eating right, staying active, and taking time for my mental health will provide so much more positivity than a number change on a scale. Casey is consistent with her support, accountability, and encouragement, even when I am not giving 100%. Her program has changed my body image, eating habits, but most importantly, she has made me see the beauty in myself again. And that is absolutely priceless.

Laura - Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Prior to working with Casey I was a yo-yo dieter, serial “new” diet/workout test subject, totally thought the secret to a new body was through whatever the newest fad was. I quickly found out that there is no secret, there is only hard work and a solid support coach on your side. Working with Casey has made me understand there is SO much more than a number on the scale. Her workout programs are amazing and keep you at a level you are comfortable with, all while pushing you to continue to get better every week. I look forward to getting my check-in’s and new week information and so appreciate the hard work she puts into her clients and their needs.

Jake - Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

I have known Casey for over 8 years. I have seen first hand her drive & determination to be the best at everything she does. Her dedication to her work & her family is second to none. I began working with Casey as a client in January of 2020, and I have seen better results working with her than I have in nearly 8 years. She has an attention to detail in everything she does for her clients that give you confidence in your workouts & your programs. Casey’s goal is never about “scale-wins”, but is about helping you understand that you can transform your body without starving yourself & losing 90 pound. But what impresses me the most, she cares the most about helping you learn to love yourself & be confident with who you are and how you look during the journey.

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